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About the Whisky Exchange

The Whiskey Exchange (TWE) is a family-owned company founded in 1999 and has since become the leading online retailer of whiskey and other spirits, serving thousands of satisfied customers each week.

The Whisky Exchange has flourished since the turn of the millennium, survived the dotcom crisis, and continued to diversify and strengthen its business. TWE’s remarkable growth over the last five years has been driven by genuine word of mouth recommendations based on our outstanding product quality, fair pricing and reliable service.

As a family business, we believe that these qualities are what our customers value. As a long-time leader in our field, we do not have to use cheap marketing tricks to attract attention. We let our hard work speak for itself.

Our philosophy is simple – we never rest on our laurels. We constantly strive to find new products with true heritage and quality in all categories of spirits and liqueurs to expand our range while continuing to innovate and improve our online functionality and the excellent customer service that has led us to become a loyal and growing customer base.

The Whisky Exchange has won a number of industry awards, including the Independent Spirits Retailer of the Year and Whiskey Magazine’s Online Retailer of the Year.

What we offer

The Whisky Exchange currently carries nearly 3,500 whiskies, of which about 2,300 are single malt Scotch whiskies. 250 Bourbons are available. The remainder consists of mixed Scotch, grain, Irish, Japanese and other whiskies from countries such as Wales, South Africa and India, Sweden and Australia.

In addition, there are more than 500 types of rum, about 400 vodkas, more than 550 cognacs / armagnacs, 400 gins, 150 tequilas and almost 1,000 special liqueurs.

A total of around 9,500 products are active on the website and can be ordered online at any time. This number is increasing as we continue to stock the best of the thousands of new products that are released each year.