Award for Bruichladdich Whisky Distillery In Islay


Single malt whiskies distilled on Islay are the best examples of Scotch whisky. Now this has been shown by an award for the Bruichladdich distillery. The award was is the 2012 TripAdvisor award. As you know Tripadvisor is world’s largest single travel site, and it’s has become popular because it is based entirely on traveller comments and reviews and the sharing of information. It is considered by many users to be the most unbiased and reliable source of travel information online.


Recent studies show that around 90% of users trust more peer to peer recommendations than official brand messages and advertising – only about 14% trust this. This means that an award by Tripadvisor, which has been voted for by users, is not something to sniffed at.

The award is of particular importance to the Bruichladdich distillery because it is based entirely on user feedback and not corporate recommendation or advertising. Although whisky has been distilled on the site since 1881 it was only in 2000 that it was re-opened and whisky was again distilled. In 2001 the whole distillery was dismantled and reassembled. There was no modern refurbishment though because original Victorian décor and equipment retained. So some of the original equipment is still in use today.

It is one of the few privately-owned distilleries left in Scotland. Half of the barley is locally grown on Islay and the other half is from Scottish farms. The unique Bruicladdich flavour comes from the tall, narrow-necked stills and the whisky is matured in both American and French oak casks, breathing Islay’s marine Hebridean air. Bruichladdich is bottled on site at 46% with Islay spring water, free from colouring and non chill-filtered.