5 Factors How To Choose Single Malt Whisky

whiskey single malt

What should you look for if you want to choose a fine single malt whisky? Here are 5 factors that you should take into consideration – the label, the origin, taste and colour.

whiskey single malt

1 Look for the label: What does the label tell you about the single malt? You should be able to find out about it’s ingredients, it age and flavours. What are the unique characteristics of this single malt?

2 Region of origin: Malt whisky comes from the six main regions within Scotland — Campbeltown, Islands, Speyside, Highland, Lowlands and Islay. This should be on the packaging, and you can also know about what to expect from the whisky by the region it comes from. To find out more about the whisky producing regions of Scotland then click on the regions above.

3 Tasting: It is recommended to put to use your knowledge of all kinds of single malts that you have tasted in the past to form an single malt scotch whiskyidea of the flavour or palate you wish to buy. Many whisky shops will offer you a free sample of some of their whiskies. If you are just starting out then go for some of the most popular single malts that are on sale.

4 Colour: This can also tell you much about the whisky. While it many not change the taste, it could be an indication of the taste – a darker coloured whisky will generally be more pungent while a lighter colour will indicate a milder, sweeter taste.

5 Age and flavour: Age will affect the taste of a whisky. The more it has been matured then the milder and smoother the flavour will be. If it’s matured for a longer time (more that 18 years, then the flavours will be more intense). Each single malt will be different in flavour and therefore you will need to know more about what your palate likes before choosing. Generally peaty single malt whiskies are from Islay, sweeter ones from Speyside and lighter ones from the Lowlands.

Whatever your taste, you are bound to find a single malt to suit your taste.