What are the top ten selling Scotch whiskies of 2013? Some of the results will surprise some and some of the results won’t. For example, we see that Johnnie Walker continues to dominate the market. This is of course understandable judging by the extensive worldwide advertising campaigns that they use.

Top Ten Scotch Whisky List

This list was compiled by The Spirits Business and is based on sales of nine-litre cases of whisky.

So, without further ado, let’s start:

10. William Peel. This is a blended Scotch from 18 different malts and grain whiskies. It is seen a drop in it’s position however, with 14% fewers sales from last year.

9. Bell’s. Your standard fare of blended whiskies. It a standard blended whisky, with nothing really special to say about it. It’s an ‘entry range’ of blended whiskies. It has seen 0% growth over the last year and stays at 2.5 million case sales. (Click here to buy online)

8. William Lawson’s. We’ve not heard of this before, but it was launched in Russia 5 years ago and is now the country’s most imported spirit. Growth in sales is up 13% to 2.6 million cases in 1012. (Click here to buy online)

7. Dewars. The produce some nice blended Scotch whiskies with different age categories. They have their standard blend, a 12-yr old one, 18-yr old and their Dewar’s Signature blended whisky. They also recently started to produce Dewar’s Highlander Honey, which was the first Scotch whisky to add honey. This is probably helped it to become a big hit in the US, where honey flavoured spirits are all the rage. (Click to Buy the 18 yo Dewar’s blend)

6. The Famous Grouse. They market heavily around Christmas time and this has helped push The Famous Grouse up to #6 in the Top 10 Scotch Whiskies of 2013. They also produce a Black Grouse and Snow Grouse (single grain whisky). They also won World Whisky Award 2012 for their new Naked Grouse. (Buy the Naked Grouse HERE)

top scotch whisky

The Naked Grouse. Deluxe blended whisky. World Whisky Award winner 2012. Click to buy.

5. William Grant’s. A surprising slump in sales for the makers of the world’s most favourite single malt whisky – Glenfiddich. Because of it’s already dominant presence in Scotch whisky market, it stays at number 5. They lost about 10% of sales from 2011 to 2012. (Click here to buy William Grant’s super deluxe blended whisky)

4. J & B Rare. Another top blended Scotch which has seen a drop in sales, but this time only by about 4%. This is a popular blend in the US and Europe. (Click here for web exclusive price on J & B Rare)

3. Chivas Regal. One of the most popular deluxe blended Scotches on the market. It is just ahead of J&B by 0.2 million cases but had taken over William Grant’s position from last year. Actually they had a drop in sales from 2011 to 2012. It continues to be a great deluxe blended Scotch.

top blended scotch whisky

Click on the picture to get £5 off and a free glass. This 18 yr old is much better than the standard 12 yr old.

2.  Ballantines. Another top selling Scotch whisky which has seen slump in sales of 11%. Despite that it holds the #2 position. It’s one of the best blended whiskies to have straight. (Click to buy rare bottle of Ballantine’s bottled in the 1950′s)

1. Johnnie Walker. No surprise that Johnnie Walker continues to dominate the blended Scotch whisky market, making this the Top Ten Scotch Whisky of 2013. They sold a whopping 14 million cases more of their popular blend than their nearest rivals – Chivas. Johnnie Walker has gone from strength to strength (click here to find out more about Johnnie Walker). There is no confusion with their various blends – starting from Red Label and going up to JW Blue Label.

top scotch whisky blend

Click the picture to get this fantastic bottle of Blue Label with 2 glasses.

 Top Ten Scotch Whisky Roundup

So that rounds up our top ten Scotch whiskies of 2013. We’ve seen that all the brands in the top 5 have actually lost sales, apart from Johnnie Walker. So the gap between the top 5 and the bottom 5 is still quite large because even though the top 5 lost sales, they stayed in the top 5. We’ve also seen that there are some blended whiskies which are popular in other countries and which you don’t really see in Scotland.

So what would your list of the 10 whiskies be? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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